Thursday, May 25, 2006


Haiku Podcast #02

Haiku Podcast
Welcome to the second episode of the Haiku OS Podcast.

This month, we have an exclusive interview with Michael Phipps, fearless leader of the Haiku OS project, along with all our regular segments.

We've had some great feedback and we've tried to take as much of that on board as possible, so thanks. If you have any feedback about this month's podcast, drop us a comment or email us - haiku at sikosis dot com.

Haiku Bounties
Quake III on Haiku
Mozilla Firefox Bleeding Edge
Sliding Tabs SVN
Sliding Tabs Video Demo (DivX - Use VLC)

Nice job!

Some comments:

I'm actually surprised at how well the netstack works - the only thing that generally doesn't work is ping - but I don't believe that's a problem with the netstack per-se. Is there something that consistently fails with the currently Haiku netstack?

I think a couple of the bigger issues that needs to be addressed before a beta release are some of the issues with BFS/kernel where large file copies fail and the ability to self-host (build Haiku with Haiku)
Damn, great video..
can i find a transcription somewhere? being a non-english native speaker i kind of have some problems...
We're currently investigating the options for transcripts and I hope to get back to you within a couple of days.

Is there a particular language that you would like it translated in ?
thank you so much for being so kind... no matter for the translations, i am myself a translator from the english and i probably will not have problems in understanding once i manage to read...the point is that i have problems understanding the anerican accent (and, btw, with the music and stuff i had a bad time understanding from wich area of America the speaker was ;P)...but, if you need translations into some language for free, i'm here to help... :)
I think he's from the British part of America :)

Great second podcast, I've been particularly impressed by the sound quality / production values.

One small suggestion on the production, I did find it a little difficult to hear the spoken parts in the intro over the music. I think the way they normally do it on radio is to play the intro music at full volume for a few seconds, then fade it down to a lower volume while the host does their intro/preview of the show, then fade back up for the last few seconds.

- Stephen
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