Saturday, April 22, 2006


Haiku Podcast #01

Haiku Podcast
Welcome to the first episode of the Haiku Podcast.

I've been toying around with the idea of doing a podcast for awhile and I thought, what better subject to talk about than Haiku.

So, bang a gong, we are on. Be sure to give us some feedback via the site and if you'd like to contribute, please email me - haiku at sikosis dot com.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/da4c7834128bbf71)
Haiku OS
Yellow Tab
Team Haiku
Mozilla Firefox Bleeding Edge
Mozilla Sunbird

None of the applications on my computer can play back that format.
MP3 would be a better bet.
yeh sorry about that. Garageband spat out that file, which is meant to be an enhanced audio file, but it only works with iTunes.

I've converted it to mp3, it has doubled the size, but at least it's more compatible and it's now showing up in feeds too.
I'm also in the process of making a microphone filter, so that "Ps" and "Bs" aren't muffling.
Lose the music while you're speaking.
It makes it hard to hear you.

What about more than one person? You could have 3 or 4 people from the community ( that's like half. ;-)
Great work sikosis.

I guess this podcast will mateure in time.

Hopefully you will also get more news to come with.

Funny thing is that you didn't mention BePodder the only native podcast client under BeOS / ZETA at all. Shame on you!
awesome... great idea!
Wow, I didn't expect to have my name mentioned! Even pronounced it right!

Thanks for the plug on TeamHaiku.org - that's great!
@frankps ... I'll look into it right now, didn't know BePodder existed, but what a perfect combination :)

@umccullough ... phew! I was hoping I pronounced everyone's name correctly. Might have to get you on one day soon ...
Use some compression on the mix and/or mix it afterwards, keep the music volume low when your speaking and max it out when you finished a 'chapter'. Well my kind advice for what it's worth : )

I was thinking, it would be a cool if you made it with BeOS, if possible, to show off what it can do (if possible : ( )
The music is a bit much, I reckon, but maybe just cos the whole thing is very uneven.

And you definitely need to sort those plosives out!
It sounds like you're ducking the music with the vocals rather heavily. This isn't a bad idea per se, it just makes the music very loud when you're not speaking. I don't know GB's inbuilt plugins but I think you want to fool with the settings a bit; I'd start by setting the ratio of the compressor/ducker a little lower, and then turn the master volume up/down to suit.
Thanks for all the feedback, definitely taking it all on board. We've also hooked up with HaikuNews.org and BeGroovy.com, so stay tuned for the next monthly podcast.
Oddly enough I've just started doing some Haiku Podcasts (or 'KuKasts) on my blog.

Maybe Sikosis should rename it Haiku OS Podcast
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